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The Silk Source That Expands Creative Expression
The Silk Source That Expands Creative Expression

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Biddle Sawyer Silks are London & Manchester's leading silk suppliers and silk printing specialists

Inspired by the artisans of Italy, a mixture of smokey hues and soft tonal shades in a lightweight Crepe de Chine. Use in volume to create soft flowing shapes or layer creatively for a more solid look.

Murano Cascades

Our divas are the best of the best. Soft textured hammered satin with stretch helps to mould the cloth for a more streamlined look. Featuring striking colours that crack a punch. From Beyonce to Whitney, who will be your favourite diva?


A playful take on the world’s most famous cartoon mouse. Who are Minni’s Friends? A range of 4 silk fabrics delicately sandwashed to create a lavishly soft peachy feel. Using a palate of striking bold colours creatively toned to give a day wear appeal.

Minni's Friends

An old Chinese proverb says ‘you can dress a monkey in silk but it will still be a monkey.’ A capsule collection in Double Crepe Morocain, one of the most diverse silks which allows you to create soft tailoring whilst still having the luxury of drape appeal. Teamed with a matching supreme heavy Crepe de Chine collection in an array of splendid colours, inspired by the majestic Chinese Empire.

Silk Monkey

A co-ordinating collection of rich luxury silks. Create drama and movement with the versatille velvet collection, while Imperial Satin lends itself to simply dazzling designs. Teamed with Double Georgette for sheer indulgence. Aptly named our cocktail range for an after six look.

Shanghai Surprise

We are Biddle Sawyer Silks

Biddle Sawyer Silks are one of the UK’s leading wholesale silk suppliers, based in Castlefield, Manchester. Our passion in what we do drives us to inspire and work closely with high-end design teams and aspiring fashion designers, providing them with a completely personalised service from start to finish.

Our range of fine quality silks are carefully curated in to six core collections of which we hold large stock in-house to achieve a fast and efficient silk cutting process, with a turnaround of 24 hours on varying order quantities. We also offer a colour matching service for all customers who wish to provide their own bespoke colour palettes.

We are the UK’s only silk wholesaler with onsite digital and screen printing. Owning and operating our very own state-of-the-art digital printer enables us to control every part of the printing process, with our experienced team of designers and production staff ensuring flawless finishes each and every time.

Looking for London silk wholesalers and digital silk printers? Our main offices are based in Manchester but we are one of the leading fabric suppliers in London, offering a fantastic selection of silk material by the metre.

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