Biddle Sawyer Silks
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We offer a screen and rotary printing service to clients who can commit to slightly larger quantities. (minimum order 200m/colour).

Screen and rotary printing produce the most elegant of products. Your designs will be etched on high precision mesh (maximum repeat size 150cm) or rotary drums (maximum repeat size 64cm) and printed using traditional techniques.

If needed our technical team will hold your hand the whole way so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. If your design is a placement print, a scarf or a simple all-over we can work with you to achieve the result you are after.

We own a printing mill in Macclesfield, so we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to what our customers expect.

We will deliver your strike offs within 2 weeks and bulk 2 weeks after that.

Don’t forget – we can match your plain dye fabric to the print colours. How many other silk merchants can say that?

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