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Screen Printing


Screen printing is a more traditional method of producing printed silks, compared to digital printing.

There is much more involved in the process behind silk screen printing fabric, which requires a high level of skill and expertise to be executed correctly. Taking the inkjet printer out of the equation, screen printing essentially requires everything to be set up by hand in order to create the screen (stencils) ready for print.

Screen Printing - Adamley Textiles

While it’s a much slower and more meticulous way of printing, screen printing on silk fabric is a process that produces the most elegant of results. The vibrant colour output of screen printing makes it the perfect technique for those looking to print bright, bold designs on to darker coloured fabrics.


We have been offering screen and rotary printing as one of our core services for over 50 years and we produce approximately 60,000 metres of silk every year. Due to the high precision production of screen printing, we can only offer this service to clients who can commit to slightly larger order quantities (minimum order 200m/colour).

We can transform any design work submitted into beautifully patterned silks using screen printing. Designs are etched on high precision mesh (maximum repeat size 150cm) or rotary drums (maximum repeat size 64cm). Designs are then printed using traditional techniques, with our very own in-house produced colours and dyes.

screen printing colour and dye production at Adamley Textiles

Our expert technical team are always on hand to answer any questions, talk you through the process and deal with any issues should they arise. If your design is a placement print, a scarf or a simple all-over print we will work with you to achieve the result you are looking for.

We own a printing mill in Macclesfield which is equipped with 6 dedicated printing tables, so we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to what our customers expect. We offer our services UK wide, and are one of the leading London silk printers.

We will deliver your strike offs within 2 weeks and bulk 2 weeks after that.

As we produce mostly our own colours and dyes, we guarantee that we can match your plain dye fabric to the print colours. How many other silk merchants can say that?

Want to know how our order process works? Check out our how to order page.

Get in touch with us to enquire about our traditional screen and rotary silk printing services.

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